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    Maria Zamora Coaching | Finding Your Self-Worth – STEP 4

    What is the difference between dying through/in your mind and dying in/through your physical body? How did this being experience dying through/in their body? How did this being experience the moment of their death when they thought they would cease to exist?

    In looking at this case study of one individual's experience of having to become financially independent from their parents, why was their initial reaction of emotional turmoil not supportive? What is a common reaction that people have to facing moments of having less money / economic comfort than they were used to having? What is an approach that this individual could have taken that would have been more likely to produce good results in all aspects of their life and the people around them?

    How do you use your good intentions as positive energy to mask the negative energy, thoughts and reactions within you? How do these negative aspects tend to reveal themselves in moments that you try to manifest your good intentions? Why are the good intentions you have, especially after a negative event, more like an illusion than reality? How do moments of conflict reveal the reality of who you are?

    What factors were involved in the reincarnation process in terms of the relationship between the mind, being and body of an individual? How did the reincarnation process change over the ages of life on Earth - and why? What role did the Mind Consciousness System play in the changes that took place in the reincarnation process? How did this being experience their life on Earth after having been placed in a mind and body not compatible with the nature of their being?

    What is the final thing this being has to share about his experience of being gay - specifically looking at how he changed his relationship to the word and himself? How much more did he learn about himself when he changed his relationship with himself through changing his definition and experience of the word gay? How can you support yourself to access and learn so much more about yourself and others?

    What is meant with the words "Intent has become more of a dream than a reality?" What contributes to good intentions oftentimes only being created in imagination and seldom being carried out in reality? What is the relationship between feelings, good intentions and imagination in how this trinity often leads to creating more conflict than good?

    What is the difference between thinking and looking? How does thinking come from the Mind and Looking from your Being? What does it mean to "use the infrastructure of thinking to look at things within yourself"?

    The Suppression Virus and an All Systems Meltdown

    What two dimensions are there to the words "disempowered victim" that will determine your reaction to what you perceive is disempowering you? What reactions can be seen in your relationship with your mind to show you how you are reacting to your mind from the starting point of being a disempowered victim? Why might you not want to see this point but rather stay in denial of this disempowered / victimised state?

    What role do the levels of your mind play in creating quantum emotional bodies? Will facing a quantum emotional body creation mean that you have to face and transcend all levels of your mind that are contributing to the creation of the quantum emotional body? Is there a specific point you can focus on that will support you to release yourself from the possession of the quantum emotional body?

    Why do you tend to place so much value into lingering positive energy experiences that are quite rare in life? What roles do redefining and living words take in realising that there is more to living and experiencing yourself than these uncommon moments of positive energy?

    What is one of the greatest challenges in life? How does the feeling of giving up tend to permeate all parts of you and your life? What gifts will you realise after you walk through the experience and thoughts connected to giving up?

    How can you support yourself to recognise moments that you’re accepting and allowing yourself to be victimized by your emotions? How do you transform yourself from an disempowered victim to an empowered directive principle? What difference will you notice when you apply this change in yourself and your life?

    What does it mean that you cannot support those who do not support themselves? Why were there some beings in Heaven who genuinely walked their process and others who had a hidden agenda? Why was there no apparent difference between these two types of beings when looking in from the outside? What were some of the differences between these two types of beings? What is the second wave of Process that we are now moving into?

    How can you simulate your own evil forces in your mind's imagination? What is it about the mind's imagination and emotions and its relationship with the body that makes it feel so real? How will this interview support you to understand the power of your mind if you accept and allow yourself to get lost in your imaginations and emotions?

    How do your emotions get the better of you? How can you turn the tables on your emotions? How can you identify moments of your emotions getting the better of you?

    What role does choice play when changing your relationship with your mind, especially that which you know is compromising how you live and what you speak? How did this being come to realise the power of choice within themselves? What is the relationship between choice, awareness and self honesty? How do you learn to access awareness and self honesty by exploring this dimension of choice within yourself?

    Why is it primarily during the ages of 14 - 18 that the emotional bodies of most people become intense and overwhelming - essentially where people's emotions start taking control of their awareness? What role does the development of personality systems play in the emergence of this emotional state during these years? Why are some people more emotionally stable than others during these years?

    How do you support yourself when you have direct the emotional energy within quantum memory possessions? How can you support yourself to ground yourself and step out of the energy in the moment that you recognise the possession? What does it mean to ground yourself in these experiences?

    What 'voices in the head' as backchat can you look out for that tends to break you down? Why do you allow this backchat within you? How can you support yourself to stop the voices in your head and change your relationship with yourself?

    What are the consequences of creating ideas in your mind and in the minds of others, now and in the future? Why do ideas (even only one) tend to linger in the mind and memories more than your day to day living? How do these ideas supersede reality and how you mostly live and express yourself? How can you support yourself to not create ideas about yourself - for you and for others?

    What are the final steps and perspectives to consider in walking this process from the illusion of inner strength to discovering your real self strength? What changes will you become aware of within yourself in stopping and changing yourself from the illusion of inner strength to strength becoming a living part of you? How can you support yourself to redefine "inner strength"? How do you walk the process of redefining and living YOU when you redefine and live inner strength?

    How do some animals have the choice to leave their bodies? What contributes to them having to make this choice, or are they actually forced into such a choice? What is the difference between the programmed off switch and them choosing to leave their body?