Image #3 from Curiosity on Mars. WOW! They really are EVERYWHERE!

Darth Vader Starbucks coffee sign


For my Coffee Lover Friends

Vintage Batman villains… This is pretty cool, in my opinion.

BATMAN #18 | Exclusive! The DC Universe Reacts To Robin's Shocking Death


Oh my...

THE DARK KNIGHT (1ST FILM) THIS UNIT IS SELF-CONTAINED - TWO UNITS COMBINED. THIS FILM IS ABOUT TERRORISM, DUTY, AND BEING A HERO. This is a surprisingly sophisticated film with interesting and provocative dialogue. This unit contains all that you will need to discuss the film. The summary is very detailed so even if you or your students haven’t seen the film, all of the major points are covered. 36 pages: a summary; various test and essay Qs aligned with CCSS 8-12; excerpts from the script ...

My favorite comic illustrator! Amazing Jim Lee sketch.


Check out these AWESOME Star Trek pendants. YES! Magic GEEK Man found them

dr who cakes This ROCKS!

The guys who did the Gotye STAR WARS parody are back...

Just played Carly Rae Jepsen's CALL ME MAYBE & of course the covers just won't stop. Watch the characters from STAR WARS sing CALL ME MAYBE One Word @ A Time

Ken Wilson of Yukon knew that the Batteries from the Remote Controll were the 2nd most popular item stolen from hotel rooms. He solved the MINDBENDER & won those (4) WHITE WATER BAY Tix. Your chance to win next Monday.

You may have seen this already, it was all over the internet yesterday, but if you did or did not you gotta see this