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second star to the right and straight on till morning.

peter pan tattoo Second star to the right...LOVE this! A Peter Pan freak would know this right off the bat! :) 2nd star on the right & sraight on till morning. THATS where youll find Neverland!

to die will be an awfully big adventure ♥

never thought about a Peter Pan tattoo... but I honestly think it's something I could live with and never dislike when I'm old.

Ok, I'm officially a pedophile?! but to my defense, i've loved him since 2003, when i was 17... Jeremy Sumpter, the best Peter Pan ♥ (tattoo: to die would be an awfully big adventure)

I used to tell myself that my first tattoo would be from Peter Pan. Whoops.

love this concept, i wanna get some disney silhouettes but im not sold on the heaviness of that much solid black....

I am in love with this! The only thing i would maybe change would be the size and perhaps the way the words are going. I would put the kids flying on top and the words swooping under them in the same curve