A wooden hammock by Aussie designer Adam Cornish.

I so need something like this to the garden: Log Art http://www.leeart.name/Gallery/Wood/Default.asp Lee Jae-Hyo _ 1965 Born in hapchen, Korea

Plywood hammock conforms to your contours. #wood #woodworking


❖ Marco Stefanelli - Collezione Brecce

Quercus on Behance

wooden chair


Wooden bike by Yojiro Oshima

Lighting design

Hammock bathtub

*industrial design, product design, seating, stools* - AKA Stool.

The designer is?

This gracefully curving wooden chair is one of the latest pieces exquisitely crafted by designer Alejandro Estrada. The Pipo Chair, produced for sale by Guatemalan manufacturer Piegatto, was imagined to utilize wood as the sole material for the entire design.

Meyer von Wielligh’s exquisitely crafted wooden furniture is set apart by their environmentally responsible, inspired-by-nature design sensibility.

furniture detail design


Paul Loebach's Watson table, which was shown at Carwan Gallery, has double-helix legs and is made of wood and carbon fiber.

FOLD is the result of the designers trying to make a comfortable chair out of plywood board. Van Tjalle and Jasper.

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Designer: Roman Shpelyk