Ritz Chicken Casserole. My mom makes this all the time! It's awesome!

Unforgettable Chicken Casserole

Ritz cracker chicken casserole. Holy smokes it is awesome!!! A true southern casserole.I have tryed this and it is good good(BJ)

Creamy chicken poppyseed casserole topped with buttery ritz crackers. A comforting casserole with tons of flavor and made without any "cream of" soup!

Pinner wrote: "I have never gotten so many compliments before, Call this chicken, “So Good it Can’t Be Described, Explosion on Your Taste Buds Chicken.” Exactly. I have never encountered a dish that is so basic and simple to put together yet creates such a big pay off. This chicken, quite simply, is one of the most savory things I’ve ever eaten. "

Cracker Barrel Homemade Chicken and Dumplings Recipe. Mom?

POPPY SEED CHICKEN – with Buttery Ritz Cracker Crust

Sooooo good & sooooo easy, 3 simple ingredients and just pop it in the oven! I didn’t broil as suggested and I did more of a ‘shake and bake’ style with just putting the ingredients in a bag and shake to coat. I did this with 3 boneless chicken breasts and the ratio of seasoning to chicken was perfect! ~Susan

Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Recipe: creamed corn casserole

The four ingredients are: one box of Ritz crackers one bag of Skor bits one can of sweetened condensed milk one tub of french vanilla icing. *Isn't that just ridiculous? But as you know it's usually the ridiculous recipes that are the best :)

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Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Miranda Lambert’s Favorite – Her Mom’s Famous Meatloaf

Creamy Grilled Chicken Piccata | Plain Chicken

Includes ONE jar of Snickerdoodle. Ingredients: 1 chicken breast 1 sweet potato crushed almonds 1 packet of Snickerdoodle Buff Bake or 2 tbsp Instructions: Ba

Addicting Chicken- Its so good it's addicting, hence the name. It's easy and delicious. Serve with green beans and rice or potatoes to make a delicious meal your whole family will be begging you to make again and again. Also try using chicken wings or with fish.