Music Fortune Tellers

musical term fortune teller.

Music Fortune Teller Stack

AWESOME video on how notes were invented-FUNNY

18 ways to use a single iPad in the music classroom. Even with just one iPad, there are many creative things you can do with your students!

Note value relay game, and some other ideas for music games that get kids moving!

Music notes. My sister has the best ideas when it comes to teaching her girls.

FREE DOWNLOADS - My Music Theory Lapbook - Just the basics... note and rest lengths, basic vocabulary - Might be good to have for students to reference when working in groups or independently

Free Music Theory Lapbook - seriously wish I had had this when I was teaching school. Such a cool idea and all put together for you! And free!

OH MY!! this has to be one of the cutest ideas ever! penguins? gahhh so going in my future music classroom

iPad apps for elementary music

My idea for helping kids learn how to read music: color by note.

Quarter Note - Music Concept Song -

Great for teaching the note names of the Treble Clef!

Music with Mrs. Dennis: Magnetic Hand Signs FREE DOWNLOAD

Music Response Sheet. In the comments section, the blogger gives a link to the curriculum that has this sheet included. However, this would be easy enough to do without a special worksheet.

Prohibits roll away dice. Seriously, why didn't I think of this? Now I won't have the kids throwing the dice all over the room!

Note Race Game

Musician Humor from "Classical Music Humor" on Facebook. Got to admit I love this one!

color the quarter notes and reveal a picture.