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B-25 "Tokyo Raider" in the markings of Col. Jimmy Doolittle April 1942. This was my first attempt to make this type of diorama in a box.

1/40 scale P-40E.

1/40 scale P-51B in the markings of "Tex" Hill "Flying Tigers" after they joined the U.S. Army Air Force.

1/24 scale Panzer Mk VI "Tiger I". I have a 1/24 scale "Tiger II" with complete interior, but don't know if I'll ever build it.

I had completed the figures during the 2011 winter. The snow had melted, but then we got a quick snowfall so I took everything outside and took these pics before it melted.

This model has the complete interior. I've had it for a long time, actually loaned it to a fellow collector for 20 years. He returned it right about the time I found the set of "Tank Riders" for 1/2 price or better at Squadron.

1/24th scale Panzer Mk VI "Tiger I" w/ tank riders.

Panzer Mk VI "Tiger I"

PBR. In the early 1980's I went to Panama with the US Marines to attend "Jungle Survival School". I managed to get myself assigned to a group of PBR sailors who were attending the school. During our 3 day "war game" I got to ride as a member of one of the PBR's crews. I was assigned to sit by the orange ring near the bow "Fifties". What a ride!

PBR, Brown Water Navy, Vietnam

US Army Medic and Officer

1/16 scale Panzer officers. L-R Hermann Goering Panzer Division, Grossdeutschland Panzer Division, 7th Panzer Division

"CHARGE!" Soviet Cossacks

Holy Crap!

German Cavalry with Cossack defector.

Captain Erich Hartman, Luftwaffe WW II 352 victories.

Airborne, Vietnam

Green Beret

1/16 scale German and Soviet officers

Frogman. He is mounted on a piece of real coral brought back from a Bahamas trip.

"Tank riders" T-34/85 with Soviet Infantry.

Somewhere in Normandy, June 5, 1944 #3

Somewhere in Normandy, June 5, 1944 #2

Somewhere in Normandy, June 5, 1944 #1