7 Make up Tricks for a Picture Perfect Face … How to be picture perfect without having to pay big bucks for professional make up? Well, it’s actually quite simple and, believe me, once …

Natural eyes look. Casual day to day eyes. Light eyeshadow, and black pencil eyeliner with smudge to make it natural and not too sharp 😊

Opposite colors side by side allow the colors to stand out so.... Eye shadow colors to make your eyes pop: -Blue ~ generally orange undertones -Green ~ generally red undertones -Brown ~ any color due to being a neutral color although blues and purples are recommended

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The Best Makeup for Green Eyes

brown smokey eye.

6 best makeup tricks you need to master

Top 10 drugstore makeup items for under 10 bucks. I love that they included wet n wild shadow, which is my standby

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gorg eyebrows

17 Makeup tips that really make a difference | Steps you're skipping that you shouldn't be

The Origins of Green Eyes. Wow! @Julie Forrest Raque - you and I are apart of the 2%. Pretty cool! Of course you have those most beautiful eyes My Dear Daughter.

7 Makeup Tricks For Blue Eyes - There are tons of different makeup tricks for blue eyes out there, but truthfully, I've got the low-down on what works best! If you have some baby blues and are looking for a way to really make them pop, don't worry! I've got the top 7 makeup tricks for blue eyes that will truly make your peepers stand out better than anything at all! So ladies, let's take a trip on down and explore the top makeup tricks for blue eyes!

use your Urban Decay Naked palette. Best shadows ever! Blends really well. Purchase at Sephora..!

The trick to perfectly contouring your face:

perfect eye makeup!

perfect makeup

eye make up.

Brow perfection.

her eye color is perfection