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900 year old church. Borgund Stave Church is a stave church located in Borgund, Lærdal, Norway. It is classified as a triple nave stave church of the so-called Sogn-type. This is also the best preserved of Norway's 28 extant stave churches.

Lofoten Island #Norway ☮k☮ #Norge

Starry Night, Lofoten Island, Norway photo via peculiar. So sad I missed this place when in Norway.


House between Two Rocks - The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part I don't know if this is real or not but it would be pretty awesome if it is

Spiral Staircase Mimari http://turkrazzi.com/ppost/528187862532404087/ Mimari http://turkrazzi.com/ppost/680536193663276898/ Mimari http://turkrazzi.com/ppost/680536193663310873/

She's climbing a Stairway to heaven:Spiral Staircase, National Museum, Paris

Ağaç Ev - Tree House

Amazing tree house, set on the very top of the tree, from where you can see if the pirates are coming and in what numbers. It also has a boat with a pulley so that on case of siege, you can flee away. This is truly a fairy tale tree house!

0bscuresky:  skate/urban blog

Entry Gate, Chengdu, China Photo: via berilberilyum Affiliate Link Chinese Architecture (Introductions to Chinese Culture)


Multicoloured houses in Voss, Norway - Travel inspiration and places to visit -