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Jack Skellington Nightmare before Christmas Giant Wall Decal Bedroom. $52.99, via Etsy.



comfortable silence

fairy tales - retro funny....

35 Brand New Lyrics That Still Speak To Your Emo Soul really dark this one is but I like it

Need to get this through to my head...

I can see every possible outcome and chain reaction that could come from something. In the end, I know my decision is solid, but making the decision and deciding what scenario I want to happen is the long drawn out part. Seeing all outcomes also means I say 'i told you so' a lot.

retro funny.... a.l.s

So very very accurate.

yes. Yes. YES! #4 and #8 are SO true for me. How to be Friends with an Introvert - See Jamie blog

- Ernie Hemingway


And by "week", I really mean "year" ;) #introvert #INFJ

Lord of the Rings Valentine.

Vikings.... my new mantra from now on

Bmo From Adventure Time Quotes | 13 Inspiring and Motivational Quotes from ‘Adventure Time’


Introvert Problems: I'd love to hang out with you, but I need to be alone today. If I have any social interaction in the next 24 hours, someone will die.... So true!

Life is hard...

Warren Buffett