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    Somebody skipped leg day...

    Parenting... you're doing it wrong.

    We are fembots designed for music festivals. We walk around bobbing our heads, drinking beer, and pretending like we're not happy to be here.


    This is not what he meant by "chick wagon".

    Quick! Give me some sugar!

    you gonna let me in?

    Nope, didn't see your lipstick

    Look what the raccoon dragged in....

    Living 100 miles from the nearest beach, Timmy decided to reenact his own version of Johnny Tsunami.

    When you said fox trot, I thought you meant with real foxes...

    Pocahontas didn't last long in the wilderness for all she had was a tube top and a string of beads.

    Walking the dog... you're doing it wrong.

    Dammit! They should put up a sign to warm other bears!

    50 cents off brisket? I'll have to fly over there after my perm.


    Believe it or not, he actually prefers the firmer mattress...

    bath sponge.... you're doing it wrong

    Mr. A&D; you are NOT the father!

    Not this again!

    I'm not sure why they say Jr. looks like the postman...

    Stop staring. It's a condition called Milkboneitis.

    Now I understand how he did it!