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Bill Gates is better than Batman!

5 STRANGE SIGNS THE ECONOMY IS IMPROVING ---> Normally when people think about the economy improving they refer back to the housing market and consumer confidence index. Instead of sifting through all of that coma-inducing economic data, take a second to think about these weird signs of unexpected economic recovery: men are buying new underwear, RV manufacturers are doing better, more couples are splitting up, facelifts are seeing a lift, & utilities are losing their best customers #infograp...

What is an infographic? by Karyn Lurie #data #infographic #colors

Designer T-shirt evolution; from cotton to your torso.

Ray Bradbury Predictions Fulfilled #infographic #book

How you can live to be 100? #infographic #health

WHO WORKS FOR A STARTUP?---> Startups are beginning to employ the best and brightest the job pool has to offer and, with the recession and economy the way it is, companies are able to take their time and grab insane talent on the cheap. Perhaps the best way to explain their employment tactics: it’s like fishing with dynamite. When looking for new talent, people who come recommended for a position are 2.5 times more likely to be actually qualified than those who self-apply. #infographic #busi...

If The World’s Population lived in One City, how big would it be if it were dense as... #inforgaphic #population

The Internet a Decade Later #infographic #facebook #friendster

COCA-COLA IN THE MOVIES ---> Coca-cola has been present in blockbuster movies for quite a long time. In fact, as the budgets for movies have grown, so have the frequency of it’s presence in Hollywood. Going all the way back to King Kong, Coca-cola has been king of the product placement game, beating out Apple and Toyota in influence over the movie industry. #cocacola #infographic #movie #marketing

#facebook Cheat-sheet-sizes-and-dimensions #infographic #social