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Father, I am awed at your creation.

proud ant eater, "hell yeeeeea! did you see me eat those ants dawg? I ate the hell outta those ants bro" lol ;

Have students journal a response to the picture...where is this? what is happening? why? what will happen next? etc.

Funny pictures about Saturday Night Fever. Oh, and cool pics about Saturday Night Fever. Also, Saturday Night Fever photos.

No matter how many times I see this, it always manages to make me laugh

Uh-Huh: Darth Vader Riding A Cat Into Battle. May the Fierce be with you :P It wouldn't be so funny if the cat didn't look like Alice, maybe Darth Vader could be played by the sugar glider. Lord, I'm cracking myself up.

The little white weasel cracks me up! (It's Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing Ferret!)

Funny pictures about Happiest animals in the world. Oh, and cool pics about Happiest animals in the world. Also, Happiest animals in the world photos.

lol omg @Rachael Walker

Pick: Funny Animal Of The Day

Kangaroo - "Quiet down. Don't make me come in there!Eastern Gray Kangaroo Looking into Her Pouch to Check on Baby Inside by Tim Laman

Lachende beestjes

Funny pictures about Animals laughing. Oh, and cool pics about Animals laughing. Also, Animals laughing.

Vitamin-Ha – Funny Animal Pictures (16 Pics)

Funny Animal Signs I find this sort of naturally occurring ironic humor utterly hilarious for some reason. That poor poor starving creature!

"I'm not gonna move until you kiss me!"

I'm Mad At You - Folded Arm Frog ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor

My mum says i'm special!.... hahaha mum's eyes are special

I always say to my mom "you love me because i am special" then make this face at her. Her only reply "OH you are special alright O.o" lmaooo so great xD