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    12 (More) Why Didn't I Think of That? Tips

    • Kristin Darr

      Check off the medicine as you take it so you remember whether you've done one dose or two. Because what overwhelmed mom can remember this kind of thing when her kid is sick?! And that's if only one kiddo is sick!

    • Ginny Foster

      Need to remember this next time (for myself as well!) Easy way to keep track of your kids medicine...good way for mom & dad to be on same page

    • Colleen Uskoski

      I hesitate to put this in Kid Stuff, as it's a good idea for everybody! Keep track of medication doses taken and those still needed. :o)

    • Pam Young

      Ahhh! Such a good idea to keep track of kids medicine doses! Kid, shmid! This old bat has trouble taking pills & often needs liquids. What works at 7 yrs old can work at 70 too! ;)

    • Rhonda Rossman

      Ahhh! Such a good idea to keep track of kids medicine doses! Much better then writing it on paper!

    • Catherine Deverell

      Kids medicine: Keep track of those "twice a day for 10 days" doses. I will have to remember this!

    • Monique Smit

      Mark doses off on the side of the medicine bottle to keep track. Some moms are just super smart!

    • Jennifer Numan

      Good idea to help busy people keep track of doses. Need to remember this for my clients!

    • Shaina Ramsey

      Why didnt i think of thiS?!? way to keep track of your kids medicine!

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