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Barack Obama '08 Coffee Mug

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Unique gift - Barack Obama - President - Mug

Obama Lovers Mug This mug has the groups logo and top 5 reasons we love Barack Obama.

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Gun Control Measure FLOP! These cowards that cannot get laid, are social failures, live in a fantasy world of Computer Games and Videos, and fantasize that killing unarmed innocent people is a way to pay back society for their dead soul and asshole personality - do not deserve to Plead Insanity at their trials to save their life. They should be hanged by the neck unblindfolded so they can witness their last seconds in the Gallows as officials look on. That's Justice!

Obama "The New Hope" - Mug

'Yes We Can!' OBAMA 2008 MUG

Barack Obama Super Hero Mug

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Obama | Product Categories | TTeesUSA | Page 4

To avoid ruining the "after party" celebration hope for a New Year, Obama should have "let go" of the need to deliver a weekly address. He and the Sasquatch could have sat wherever in Hawaii, watched the Rose Bowl Parade, ate some collards and black-eyed peas, and left Americans alone to enjoy one holiday without his ugly mug appearing in the media. But, no way could this man resist beginning the New Year with his weekly address filled with lies on top of lies on top of lies.

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