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A Pinkalicious Quote: A girly graphic quote from the fabulous, and wise, Audrey Hepburn. I Believe in Pink.

If I ever have a daughter this will so go in her room :)

You are a Princess so wear your crown with pride. I’m a girly girl and Pink, yes Pink is my colour. Cliche as it is the colour Pink does bring out the sparkle in anyone. Man or woman, once you wear a.

Pink is all you need...

Pink is all you need. Not really but it is a comforting color for me

Pink is the best... soft & sweet or hot & bold... gotta love all the facets of pink!

As long as there is pink in the world. girly quote pink world place better! My Favorite Color :)

I Don't ! !

THANK YOU, Pink Addiction girls for this fun & fabulous board! It's a blast!


Pink Gumballs shaped like Pink Tennis Balls that taste like Pink Lemonade

red key

Key to My Heart.used to lock it up, key on a hook, far away from anyone that is going to hurt me. Jesus has lost keys to locked away hearts