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This graphic based on the recent General Conference talk by Deiter Uchtdorf has no doubts been making the rounds in LDS circles. I was surprised to see that it had crossed over and was being distri...

TRUTH! (Dime con quien andas y te digo quien eres.. ) Careful with the company you keep, you will just like them. Sounds better in spanish. lol!

25 Ways to Be Good for Someone Else (Be the Positivity You Want to Feel) Good list on the site

O Sucesso não é uma questão de ter tempo... É uma questão do que fazemos com o tempo que temos. É o empenho... o esforço... e compromisso que colocamos no que fazemos... em como o fazemos... e em quando o fazemos, que vai ditar o resultado.

There's always some reasons to be positive, don't let a little negativity stop you from seeing all the good that's around

I think I already pinned this. And I will pin it every time I see it. Get used to it.

I could care less about Harry Potter, but this girl has a good head on her shoulders. I wish more women thought like this. But then I guess more men would be disappointed. But not the good men, the ones you'd actually want to be with!

Well said by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, TedxEuston #quotes #feminism Let us not shame each other, but lift each other up.

Some people can't function without negativity because bringing others down makes them feel better.

Amelia Olson, a contributor to Hello Giggles, the site Zooey Deschanel co-founded, actually wrote this. The quote first went viral on Tumblr, after someone misattributed it to Deschanel. Weirdly enough, it was reblogged on her personal tumblr, even though she didn’t write it.