Horse Sense: ( full movie) Starring Joey Lawrence and Andy Lawrence. About 1 hour and 27 min.

The Illusionist2006 Full Movie - YouTube

Correct leg aids to engage the horse's back

How To Engage Your Horse's Back - corrected version

New horse meme lol

Horse quote

Other peoples horses my horse

ahhh! talk about a staple of my youth.

Full Versions of 11 Disney Channel Movies from The Early 2000s.

Horse Quotes

Life. It makes much more sense in the saddle.

The Path of the Horse - Full Length documentary-not sure what this is about pinning to watch later

"Best Friends Forever"

How to Train Your Dragon - what a great movie...


beautiful horse

To Blanket Your Horse…or Not?

Everyday Disney: Day 278: A Few of my Favorite Things V3 It's the third volume of my Favorite Things Series, and this time I talk about some of my favorite Disney films!

Monty Roberts Join Up Example

Great Movie!