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A mysterious sea creature featuring what appear to be horns on its head was discovered in the advanced stages of decomposition along the shoreline of Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain, on Thursday August 21, 2013. It stretches 13 feet from top to bottom and the "horns" are thought to be bones that have fallen out of place although sea life specialists cannot identify the creature...

In Ontario, Canada there is a town called Kitchenuhmaykoosib a few hundred kilometers south of Hudson Bay. A couple of local nurses were hiking near a creek when their dog, Sam, smelled something in the water. The dog went over and pulled the creature (it was only about 30 centimeters long) from the water and the two nurses were able to take some pictures of it. Later, when local residents of the area decided to go back and retrieve the body of this creature, it had disappeared.

The Canvey Island Monster: Unexplained Creature

Mysterious 'horned' sea monster washed ashore in Spain on 8/21/13. The entire carcass with the head stretched 13 feet, and scientists nor officials were able to identify it due to decomposition. Some guesses were a Loch Ness type species, water dinosaur, sea dragon, a mutant fish, or an oarfish.

Found on Spanish beach August 21, 2013. Looks like a mythical, horned creature. Turns out it's just a 13 ft. shark -

Finding Amelia- Last Footage of Amelia Earhart To learn more, visit | It is discovered that the last footage of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan may hold the answers to the cause behind their mysterious disappearance.

Strange creatures of the sea… Well these are where my nightmares will be coming from for the next while. Why do these exist!