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Morris Arboretum’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Returns Saturdays, April 14…

Embrace the season in full bloom this spring at the Morris Arboretum, as it hosts its annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in honor of the numerous Japanese-inspired plants and cherry trees that reside within the arboretum. The festival has two dates for celebrating: Saturday, April 14 and Saturd...
  • Cindi Pierce

    Saucer Magnolia Tree in spring bloom (we have 2 blooming now in our backyard.)

  • Erica Jacobson

    I want a big magnolia tree in my front yard someday.

  • Claudine Douglas

    You know spring is on the way when the Magnolia trees come #Beautiful Flowers|

  • Brittany Noble

    I want a garden with a Magnolia tree

  • Merry Ford

    Blossoms of the magnolia tree

  • Samantha Scheele

    Magnolia flowers. I love my Magnolia tree! This pic isn't of mine but its exactly the same. Such a beauty!

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“In quantum physics if you change the behavior of one particle, another particle in a different location will instantaneously react whether inches or universes away.” Eric Pearl❤️☀️

magnolia I love magnolia flower, especially white ones, which reflects the purity and serenity!! أحب زهرة الماجنوليا ،، خاصة اللون الأبيض منها الذي يعبر عن الطهارة والنقاء والصفاء !!

For Rach " all water blossoms such as lotus, water lilies, and cat tails. Bigger buds suit this passionate sign that loves the giant flowers of the magnolia tree. Camellias and peonies also suit this sign, especially if they are white. Clusters of white geraniums also compliment the energy of the Crab. Cow parsley and the lemon scent of verbena are also attractive to Cancers"

Magnolias Rachel Larsen these will be everywhere in all the magnolia trees in about a month!

Love is the energizing elixir of the universe, the cause and effect of all harmonies ~Rumi (magnolia)

magnolia "Some flowers are just ~ beyond S-e-x-y; & all are @ various stages! Forget the staged, fake porn whch has depressed me to no-end online, & watch a time-lapse capture of a blooming. Come-back & tell me what you think..." ~js

Absolutely love magnolias. Grandma had one in front of her home. I loved to pick up the pods and use them in potpourri.

Magnolia~Reminds me of going to my grandparents house. Miss you Nana.

Magnolias....Are these really magnolias or is this the flowers of a tulip tree? The tulip tree has more blossoms (like this picture) and its flowers are fewer, and surrounded by the big glossy green leaves.