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Sad, but many times have you done this!

Betamax is the future...or at least bak in the late 70's. There were some at my high school and the teachers strugled to remember how to use it as it was so different than the old movie projectors.

1955 - This makes me look back and picture my friend Nancy and I walking to school years ago. No the photo is not us.

I had many pairs of saddle shoes growing up. I always wanted penny loafers or Mary Janes. Dad & Mom thought these were more practical. Wore them for school & play. Polished them to wear to church.

1957 Tv- this is like the first one we ever had as kids- & it blacked out at 10 pm!

❤Baby Boomers ❤ Honk if you wore anklets and cute (but uncomfortable) black patent leather maryjanes to school.

I would never miss an episode of American Bandstand unless it was completely beyond my control.

Net petticoats of different colors that were always starched. You had to look your best in high school.

American Band stand; boy did we love to dance to the Dovells (doing the Bristol Stomp)! I wasn't allowed to watch this at home, however WAS allowed to go to Cindy's house... I LOVED to dance!

Cost of Living in 1957...funny because it is so cheap compared to today's prices...sad because I wish a gallon of gas still cost .24 !!!!