Ooooh, I remember these.

Tom's Foods - plastic candy-filled fruits - candy containers and tag scan - 1970's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

Candy Lipstick in various shades, you will notice! Pure sugar!

How To Make A Meringue Pie Crust in just minutes! (It's EASY!) get the recipe at

This set the standard for what types of engagement rings we should expect.

These Raspberry Filled Cupcakes are so fun to make and even more fun to bite into! Treat someone to them this Valentine's Day.

I ate these all the time

1970s Christmas candy ad. I really disliked the oval hard candy with the soft fruit center. It just didn't seem right! :)

Barbie plastic heels!

1970s Architectural Digest. Guess our kitchen was in trend after all.

Film cartridge for a Kodak 110 camera. I loved that camera. I remember how much fun it was to get back the developed photos.

Fruit Filled Nuncas (Polish candy with a fruit center) from my childhood:))

I remember these..

Rowntree's fruit pastilles in a box! Wow used to get these bought as a treat to go into to the cinema with lol

Oh, remember soap with transfers ?

Retro sweets. Assorted Toffo flavours.

I remember this!! Loved it!!

Has to be one of the uk's best online sweets shop ever!

I remember these. I'd always try and push down all the colors at once

Pair of Vintage Old School Fruit Filled Candy Tins... remember these always being on the table at any older persons houses growing up

Flintstones Vitamins!