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Tea cup pig! "i just cant be with you.... right now"... (how i met your mother) i want to get one and his name shall be Goshen and Teddy and Mosby will love him!: Piggie, Teacup Piglet, Animals, Teacup Pigs, Baby Pigs, Piggy


Very picky cat…



This is what true love looks like…

A true love story ~ Meet Linda and John. As my friends and I were sitting at Starbucks, we noticed this elderly couple. John put flashcards in front of Linda trying to help her remember what she had forgotten due to a recent stroke. ... Pic by, Matthew Ballestero FB


Oldest and biggest wombat on earth…


Wilbur: [looking at Charlotte's new web at the fair] But is it a good word, Charlotte? I mean, is it a TRUE word? I don't feel like I deserve all of the great words you've written about me... Charlotte A. Cavatica: Then, Wilbur, it's a PERFECT word. [Charlotte looks at the web, which says "HUMBLE"]


If I Fit I Sit: Pig Version

I want a pig, I need a pig!


Impossible not to smile at this…

Miniature pig and ice cream!