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Highway To Hell

Song map of London

London Poster

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Graphic Ticket

London'S Country

Transport Poster

Country Sheila

Design Illustration

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London Transport poster 1954, Sheila Stratton


Vintage Poster

Railway Poster


Travel Poster

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Charlie @Kim Kiwi

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Shop Thesearethings


love the maps from

Stack Oil

Jodi Hayes

2013 Jodi

Hays Painting

Jodi Hayes

1939 Framed

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Framed City

Vintage Framed City Map, Brooklyn -

Graphic Design

Vitale Comforto

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Comforto Poster

Comforto 1970S

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Ettore Vitalee

Vitale 1970S

Designed by Ettore Vitale

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1960 Printing

Harak 1960

Identity 1960

Rudolph de Harak, cover for Cards of Identity by Nigel Dennis (Meridian Fiction, 1960 printing)

Design Inspiration




--Pinned with

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TWA Guide: vintage book cover

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This design is brilliant! This design template is very versatile because you could change the text fairly easily. I especially like how the designer placed graphics just outside the letters in multiple places to make it more interesting. Cover design archive from Shimokitazawa Generation bookstore in Taipei

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New York Poster

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Andersen Design Print

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Rosemary Illustration

loving all of the kitchen prints at the anek etsy shop.

Eastern Europe

Bucket List

Budapest Hungary

Budapest Capital

Beautiful Places

Budapest Amazing

Budapest Beautiful

Beautiful Budapest


Corsica France

Dream Vacation

Bucket List

Favorite Place

Beautiful Places

Amazing Place

Bonifacio, Corsica, France wow

Bucket List

Rink Central

Pfizenmaier Wollman

Ice Skating

New York City

Edward Pfizenmaier

Central Park

Edward Pfizenmaier - Central Park, 1954

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awesome calendar ... Note to self::Must do this next year

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8 OVER-sized posters to love #posters #prints #art #artwork #oversizedprint #oversizedposter #largeprint #largeposter #designsponge

Etsyfrom Etsy

Park Slope Brooklyn Birch Wood Print

Wood Print

Ink Illustration

Brooklyn Birch

Art Illustration

Park Slope Brooklyn Birch Wood Print by RocketInk on Etsy