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Few films about American politics have held up as well as this one -- a tribute to a perceptive script, geat directing and an outstanding cast. Redford is tremendous as the idealistic candidate turned befuddled automaton.

Usually on the list of best American films of all time. I certainly place it among the best newspaper-related films ever. "It might be fun to run a newspaper." I keep a copy of Kane's "Declaration of Principles" because it might be pretty important one day.

I watched the end of this film again last night -- for perhaps the 100th time. It still delivers on every level. And it's a message that's perhaps even more important today than ever. The poster notes that the film isn't suitable for children. That was perhaps true in 1962 when Harper Lee's outstanding book turned actor Gregory Peck into Atticus Finch for life. But I can't think of a movie more important for children to see after age 10 now.

The wide genre of American film noir has inspired some of the most interesting and stark film poster art. While critics over the years have dumped a ton of movies into the noir, neo-noir or noirish categories, to me the crime story is its most fertile ground and Raymond Chandler's work its best source.

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Alfie, US Window Card (14x22in), Original Vintage Movie poster 1966


MP284. "Rosemary's Baby" Movie Poster by Steve Frankfurt (Roman Polanski 1968) / #Movieposter

Rodriguez 'Searching for Sugarman' Brilliant music documentary - Enjoyable film.

"People said, 'It's a pity that such a nice thing had to come to such a sticky end.' I think that too. It is a pity. I like fairy tales. I'd love it to have had the Beatles go up in a little cloud of smoke and the four of us just find ourselves in magic robes, each holding an envelope with our stuff in it, but you realize that you're in real life, and you don't split up a beautiful thing with a beautiful thing."-Paul McCartney