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Futuristic Biopolymer Gel Fridge - Four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator, the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky, odourless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends items for easy access. Without doors, draws and a motor 90% of the appliance is solely given over to its intended purpose.

Electrolux Bio Robot concept refrigerator stores your food in green gel

Noteworthy TED Talks inspire out-of-the-box thinking.  Check out the 20 most-watched TED Talks, like Daniel Pink speaking about the surprising science of motivation.  It'll have you rethinking those reward systems (whether in business or schools).

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

Copco Bag Caps: salgadinhos e sucrilhos murchos nunca mais!

Copco Bag Caps are innovative lids for bagged foods that seal in freshness without having to remove an item from its original packaging. These are a great idea. Needed in my home especially because my kids eat chips a bunch!

Is the Electrolux Gel Refrigerator the Future of Food?

The Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator is a concept where the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. A non-sticky gel surrounds the food item when shoved into the biopolymer gel, creating separate pods. The design features no doors or drawers


Funny pictures about Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living. Oh, and cool pics about Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living. Also, Epic Transformable Pad For Lazy Living photos.

WTF -- this is a Gel Fridge concept design.  You put your stuff in, take it out, and the gel reforms itself. Suh-WEEETNESS!

this gel fridge Gross and Awesome! Gel fridge: put your stuff in it and the gel keeps it cool. when your reach in and take it out, the gel automatically reforms.

25 Coisas incríveis que todo homem adoraria ter em casa

Universal remote w/ bottle opener. Best man-gift I've seen in a while.man gift my ass! Give this beer lovin lady one of these and I'd be one happy woman:)

Baking Pan That Forms Any Shape  food cool baking cooking technology tech inventions innovative

Funny pictures about Clever Baking Pan With A Twist. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Baking Pan With A Twist. Also, Clever Baking Pan With A Twist photos.

Travelling Companion Panorama Camera by Han Li » Yanko Design

On the Go Cam: Consolidating a GPS, camera, phone and many other tech features, we have the Travelling Companion Panorama Camera.