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    Holy crap they are real!!

    • Katie Friedli Walton

      Ok this needed repined and explained in my way why this was so funny. So in a nutshell people are saying that that is the "Golden Trio" funny thing is ; that ginger is Ed Sheeran and in one of his music videos Rupert Grint aka Ron plays Ed in the video! :D

    • Ale

      Real life Harry Potter characters. Too funny

    • Tori Windham

      real life harry potter: Harry, Ron, Hermione. If you look even closer you can see Neville (second person in the top left hand corner), Goyle (right next to Neville and directly above Ron), Malfoy (bottom right corner) and Ginny (Bottom right corner and above Draco and to his right). creepy.... the one who looks like ron looks just like ed sheeran

    • Natalie Cormier

      Harry Potter trio in real life! HOLY CRRAAAPPP<<< I was looking back at my past pins and I found this... THE RED HEAD LOOKS LIKE ED SHEERAN OMG

    • Kaelyn Hyde

      Harry Potter Look-a-likes! I laughed pretty hard until i realized the ginger is ed sheeran!! :D

    • Sierra Thompson

      Ok omg now this is creepy! #harrypotter or possibly a young Ed Sheeran!!!! #sheerios

    • Chelsea Ridens

      Harry Potter in real life... @Susanna Marrero it's Ed Sheeran!

    • gurl

      Harry Potter Things You Never Thought You’d See In Real Life

    • Tamara Amber Martinez

      Harry Potter In real life. How frickin funny!!

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    Mind = Blown.


    Harry Potter! haha

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    haha so nerdy! Raise your glass by Pink!

    holy crap

    Harry Potter Glasses repin & like. listen to Noelito Flow songs. Noel.

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    Prank gift boxes. If they ever stop laughing they can open them and see the real gift. ;)

    Too true


    The real life Hermione... LOL I have got to go back and look for this now.

    omg he´s real!


    love this