The Night Before Christmas Book Cover: Clement Clarke Moore (1883)

✜ Rare 1883 The Night Before Christmas Book by Clement C. Moore.

Vintage book

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Vintage book 'The Night Before Christmas'

old books

Vintage book

Vintage book cover.

Old books.

My most favorite. <3

Vintage Night Before Christmas

So cute!! ♥ Christmas Card

another cool old book cover lacking its original source ///

♥♥♥A Midsummer Night's Dream illustrated by Arthur Rackham. MY FAVOURITE SHAKESPEARIAN PLAY♥♥♥

I honestly adore old books. There's something about holding it: like it's a piece of history or something and you aren't the first (nor the last) to hold it, but you can enjoy it before it continues on its long journey. And you can stand there and think, "Maybe this particular book impacted someone's life. Twenty or thirty or a hundred years ago. Maybe."

vintage Christmas

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Dickens Works. As a teenager, I had my son read all of Dickens works. Then find the metaphors, then compare the old black and white movies to the books. It was something just between us. Then, we went to Lord Byron.LOL major contrast. JD

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Mists of Avalon... I loved this book when I read it many years ago!