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oh wow

So True!!!! :-)

The Lion King. YES!!!

Princesses faces swapped with Princes. It's childish, it's immature, it's amusing.

The Kings Of Priderock by dyb on deviantART

Disney medley. Really good and funny!

LOL lion king words

lion king

The Lion King

Frozen And Lion King Are The Same Movie

lion king

The Lion King

The Lion King 2

Lion King Characters as People

Lion King

Actually in the loin king 2 (can't remember his name) said that kovu wasn't even scars son so why did he get to be king.

simba and kimba fan art | Sihle, Kovu and Simba by WingsofaButterfly202 on deviantART

Kovu - The Lion King 2 | 21 More Disney Characters As Modern College Students. I love how Prince Phillip has a Skyrim tattoo on his neck.