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The Witches broom is considered one of the few tools that holds the balance of Divine forces. That of both male and female energies. The phallic handle representing the masculine energies and the bristles to represent feminine energy.

how to grow broom corn and make your own brooms ~ just added these to my planting list! can't wait for spring!!!

Multicolored round broom with bark on the handle. Handmade. Broomchick on etsy. $35.00 #brooms

Ruby Skull Witch or Wizards Broom/Besom ooak by DarkSquirrel, $18.00

$55 Natural broom - sweeps better than the nylon version, since natural tendrils pick up much more dirt and dust.

The Witches Brooms: Used for cleansing an altar or the space around it of all negativity before you start your magical work.