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A mother gently nuzzles her beloved calf. Most calves in America have only a few days with their mothers before they are ripped away to be slaughtered (males) or confined and fed formula (females). Ditch the dairy, go #vegan

i don't know why but i am obsessed with mini-goats. i just want to carry one around in my purse!: Farm Animals, Babies, Pet, Pygmy Goat, Babygoats, Box, Baby Animals, Baby Goats

4 DAIRY CALVES ~ One California dairy cow beat out some major odds when she gave birth. The cow produced four healthy, female calves in one litter. The chance of that occurring are one in 179 million.

photo by Cally Whitham -


10 Things You Didn't Know About Cows

" Like all animals, cows form strong maternal bonds with their calves, and on dairy farms and cattle ranches, mother cows can be heard frantically crying out for their calves for several days after they have been separated. They prefer to spend their time together, and they form complex relationships, very much like dogs form packs." Peta

Signs of Vinylfrom Signs of Vinyl

Baby Calf: Hungry Baby Canvas Picture

Baby Calf: Hungry Baby Canvas Picture – Signs of Vinyl

Bubba and Hudson (Jersey Calf and Baby Chicken) - Hudson perches on Bubba's head for a birds eye view.