By the wonderful Insect Circus people. Check them out if you can. Always at Glastonbury. in the Circus Field, obviously.

Antique Carnival Panel

Antique Carnival Panel

Antique Carnival Panel, France or England, Painted carnival panel.

Bienvenidos al circo.

"Welcome to the Circus" Print from sunnychampagne So this week it's about all things carnival related, starting with some circ.

Insect Circus Museum  Very few. This sign board dates from the mid 20th century.

Curio Corner: I have recently come across a travelling insect circus with a bearded Ladybird as a sideshow. Or perhaps I have been over indulging in.


Definitely offer face painting with the games. I've asked other parents to help with this, but you could hire some high school artists or thespian kids for a small fee.