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redyellowpink3: Sooo who can pick me up?

Yes!!!! :) Love throwing the ball around, football or softball. And a man that can handle my arm. ;)

I honestly don't ask for much, just that you'll love me to infinity and beyond; 'cause that's how much I'll love you. ♥

That looks so similar to me and my boyfriend, kinda freaky..

yess:) i can't tell what they sre drinking but me and my bestie Sydney eat out of a carton of ice cream together and me and my bestie Kinz share a slushie from hickory point together almost every time im at her house:) Kinsley McMinn:)

That is awesome! Matt used to pick me up and w/e all the time, although not quit like that

Photography - Omg! I really like this photography shot! It look amazing shot for the love couple! I want that someday!

Very Cute for a wedding photo. Especially since Bill works for the railroad.