Let's NOT forget God fearing, Christ honoring in this too girls! Im a northern country girl but it still applies



Farm Girl. YES!!! This is so true everyone expects me to be like the rest!!!! SEE BABE GIRLS DO FARM!

Jesus LOVES everyone. But loving the sinner does not mean i support the sin. Jesus loves the alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers, liars, cheaters, prostitutes, homosexuals, and dirty sinners like me. It truly is crazy and genuine love. No reason to judge someone else's sin. Everyone will give an account to God in the end!

Cowgirl boots



Soo true God Bless the South

Country girls

country girl at heart

Things i love about the country....pinned for mu daughter, not me. I love shoes!!!!


For sure!!!!!(:

country problems | Country Girl Problems | Lessons From Country(:

Country Girl!

Country girl!

Country Girl

just a reminder for my mom :) haha even thow she already knows Im the best! :) @Laurie Portell