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A cat’s priceless reaction…

ok, so this happens sometimes but under no circumstances does this ever apply to skirts, heels or make up.

Random Funny Pictures – 49 Pics

Buddy the Elf Cat Hat by scooterKnits..I don't usually go for hats on cats,,,but this is a BUDDY THE ELF hat !

[CasaGiardino] ♡ Cosette had always had trouble executing the perfect French knot, but her dear friend, Madame Puzzi-chat, told her not to fret and quickly, with deft paws, expertly twisted the blond strands into a tidy bun. Now...if only Cosette could get Madame to step down.

Chris Illman....I'm going to sneak up on that mouse!

I'm just adjusting this tree topper for you...

Every cat here to find out more

That's pretty sleepy when you fall asleep washing your little face!

Diggle tries to have a meaningful conversation with whatever-the-hell-that is. She's pretty sure it's a UFO. ~~ Houston Foodlovers

It's no secret. I love LARGE cat's and as the caption says these cat's behave like dog's. They love going on walks greet you with a head butt and play in the water. The only thing keeping me from owning one is that they are super expensive! 1500-2000 $ per kitten.