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    Mississippi Boneless Chuck Roast - just meat, dry ranch dressing mix, dry au jus gravy mix, butter, pepperoncinis from jar. NO water or other liquids. Slow Cooker on Low for 8 hours.

    • Amanda Young

      A perfectly lovely ordinary day: Mississippi Pot Roast - this is dinner tonight, so we will see! I couldn't find Au Jus Gravy mix so I got Slow Cooker's Savory Pot Roast mix.

    • Carolyn Clayton

      Crock Pot Roast 1. Buy a chuck roast. 2. Put it in the crock pot. 3. Sprinkle Hidden Valley ranch dressing on top. 4. Sprinkle McCormick Au Jus mix on top.Put a stick of butter on top. Put about 5 pepperoncini peppers on top. (You buy them in a jar.) . Do NOT add water.. Cook in crock pot on low for about 8 hours.

    • VaRee Harrell

      Mississippi Roast- Chuck Roast, Stick of Butter, Ranch Dressing Mix, Au Jus Sauce Mix, 5-10 whole the crock pot on low 8 hours. Do Not Add Water.

    • Beth Pachin

      Mississippi Roast. Put this in the crock pot Friday morning. Thought it would be great comfort food for the blizzard. Totally a hit!! I used a pot roast fell apart the gravy was amazing. Will make many more times. So simple

    • Petra Walford

      Mississippi Roast: 1 - Place chuck roast in crock pot. 2 - Sprinkle dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix, add packet of dry McCormick Au Jus mix, a stick of butter and 5 pepperoncini peppers. DO NOT ADD WATER! 3 - Cook on low 7-8 hours.

    • Mary Fisher

      Mississippi Roast- put a roast in the crock pot - sprinkle a packet of ranch seasoning on top, then sprinkle a packet of powered au jus on top of that. Take one stick butter and set on top of the roast and surround it with pepperocinis. Low for 8 hours. No water necessary!

    • Debby Reynolds

      Mississippi Roast- crock pot roast recipe in a gravy

    • Justin Edwards

      Pot roast crock pot recipe

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    Mississippi Roast 1 chuck roast (4-5lbs) 1 packet ranch dressing/dip mix 1 packet gravy mix (chicken/brown/au jus) 1 stick butter 5-10 pepperoncini peppers Put roast in crock pot. Sprinkle ranch mix and gravy mix on top. Add butter and place the peppers around it on top of the meat. Cook on low 8-10 hours.

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    It's almost that time of year again. THIS IS THE RECIPE for: Easiest and most amazing roast ever. Combine the ranch, italian dressing and brown gravy packets with a 1/2 cup of water and pour over roast in a crock pot

    I changed mine and it was AMAZING. I used hidden valley farms ranch packet a McCormick slow cooker pot roast packet, 2T of Worcestershire and 2 cans of beer. Mixed it together and poured it on top of the roast, 2 cloves garlic, 1 medium yellow onion, 3 stalks of celery and a half bag of carrots. Crock pot 6-8 hours and BAM!!!

    Mississippi Roast. This was unbelievable. This had a great flavor. Who would have thought these ingredients would make such a delicious meal. Words from husband "this is some good eats" made 5-27-13

    Coke roast with gravy recipe crockpot roast beef ... Got this in the crockpot right now only with Diet Coke. We will see how it turns out!

    Ranch, italian, and brown gravy mixes, 1/2 cup water, on low for 7-9 hours in a crock pot. Add veggies of choice. Easiest and most moist pot roast! Yum!

    My husband talked about this for two days - 4 thawed chicken breasts, 6oz. package of Stove Top stuffing mix, 1/2 cup sour cream, 1 can of cream of chicken soup. Chicken on bottom - Stove Top over chicken, Cream of Chicken/Sour Cream mix on top. Cover and cook for 4 hours on low.

    Mississippi Roast: - - Put chuck roast in crock pot, Sprinkle with Hidden Valley ranch dressing, add McCormick Au Jus mix, a stick of butter, 5 pepperoncini peppers. DO NOT ADD WATER. Cook on low for 7-8 hrs Might have to try this.

    3 Envelope Pot Roast plus two recipes for left overs! I usually add carrots, onions, celery and potatoes to the bottom of my crockpot than instead of water I use beef or veggie broth for a deeper richer flavor!

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    Crock-pot Balsamic Roast Beef Dip Sandwiches (with Boneless Round or Chuck Roast Beef). One of the Top 10 Crock-Pot Recipes of 2013 (the other 9 recipes are given as well). Yummy food Slow Cooker ideas.

    Mississippi Roast (Only 5 ingredients!)

    You're Too Crafty: The Best Pot Roast....EVER!

    easy crockpot roast: Put roast in the crock pot, sprinkle whole package of Ranch Dressing on top, then thewhole package of McCormick’s Au Jus on top of that, then lay a stick of butter on top. cook on low for 7-8 hours

    For crock pot days

    Mississippi Pot Roast! I made this last night(7/30/13) ! It was the best roast I ever made! Cooked in Crockpot from 7:30am-6:30pm. Drained the juices into a saucepan, added 1 cup beef broth and bolied some baby cartots and new potatoes. Then when the veggies were done added 1 more packet of brown gravy. (Yummy!!!!) NO LEFTOVERS!

    In the crock pot ~ Chicken breasts, enchilada sauce, taco seasoning, shredded cheese, and green onions. add some cilantro to the top, then served up in soft tortillas with rice. YUMMY and EASY