Gotta get for Lara. Plug your iPod into the egg. The waterproof duck plays music wirelessly in the shower.

love this idea!

iDuck Speaker - plug iPod into egg and Duck plays music in shower.

Pea Speaker --- little bluetooth-connected speaker spheres all playing the same thing so that the music can be spread throughout the room!

ThinkGeek: U-Socket USB Wallplug - I want these!!

love this piggy plug

This is the coolest thing ever

iDucky: Listen to your iPod while in the tub.

Ohh, why on Earth have I never seen this product before?! Bluetooth Shower Speaker for only $25, BUT, you can save 10% and pay just $21.

SO cool

iPod Bracelet with wireless headphones.

STOCKING STUFFER! $7.29! A battery with a USB plug on it that fits in your purse for charging your phone when you aren't around any outlets for a long time (camping/beach/shopping etc) I want a bunch!!!!!

This has a built in cooler, water proof speakers and MP3 storage box, and drink holders.

Bathroom tub stones that keep the water warm - genius!

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker - The speaker connects wirelessly to an iPhone, iPad, or Android-powered device, allowing you to listen to your personal music collection or stream music from apps. I need this!

iPod running bracelet with wireless headphones

Composing made easy. Just write your music then the board will play it back for you! For my honey!

Wear this and listen, COMFORTABLY, to your music while you sleep!

plug in

Plug in that allows both plug in charging and USB charging $9.99 BRILLIANT!