'spread your love' by hamed kohan

DESIGN >>> Lampe Nissyoku par igendesign - Journal du Design

Sustainable #bicycle storage solution!

bike compacts into a circle for carry.

X Bike composed of carbon and aluminum

Tire art

Marco Gallegos’ Fan-C-Fan is a reproportion of the traditional floor fan. Made out of 3 bent plywood parts and engineered as a hyperbolic parabaloid defined by a mathematical equation, Fan-C-Fan is testing the waters. The result however, is seamless, uncluttered and stands as a beacon of tradition. While other technology companies are moving in a trajectory away from utilitarian, this stands as quite the statement.

‘One’ – Folding Bicycle Concept by Thomas Owen

Art deco movie posters are making me feel very Metropolis meets DC Comics

Temporary Tattoo designed by Jennifer Daniel.

Nendo redesigned chopsticks, one of the oldest Japanese utensils , beautiful design ++

Urban beehive. We can be secret urban bee keepers and make cup-pies with honey crusts. Nifty!


Bicycle Poster

“Write a Bike” is a serie of bike designs made by Juri Zaech, using the owners name as the frame design making every bike a personal item.

Cambium - Brooks England

SUPER HERO ON Bicycles :)

I've been looking for this chair my whole life.


Know Your BIke