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  • Sarah Shackelford

    Human Statue of Liberty (Goddess of Liberty), Camp Dodge, Iowa: "Eighteen thousand soldiers of the Camp Dodge, 163rd Depot Brigade formed the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty for the renowned photograph shot by Chicago, Illinois, photographers Mole and Thomas on August 22, 1918 as part of a planned campaign to sell war bonds. As many as 20 human figure pictures were taken by photographers during the Great War."

  • Franny Seymour

    Science History and Facts The Human Statue of Liberty. 18 000 men were used for this photo! Iowa, 1918

  • Doug Welch

    Memorial Day 2012 – A Day to Remember, A Day to Give Thanks

  • Greg Steggerda

    I remember a framed print of this photo in our day room on Camp Dodge. This human statue of liberty was made up of 18,000 soldiers, shot in 1918 when the camp was used to mobilize soldiers for WWI. I have no idea how they got this shot.

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