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    Digital/Multitasking Stress and Your Brain, something we discussed in my PLC this year

    Old World Language Families

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    How memory works

    Left/Right Brain, personality tests and learning styles always interest me >> I tend to forget how Left brain I am until I read something like this and it's a perfect description of what goes on in my head.

    A healthy brain #trainthetrainer

    communication styles around the world

    Gamification the neurology of gaming

    The Brain.

    For A's of Stress

    language difficulty

    The Digital Classroom

    Stress - www.awakening-int...

    Stress - www.awakening-int...

    Brain and PTSD.

    Stress: it is a person's perception of the event that determines their response. Stress is positive when the person feels stimulated and able to manage the situation. This positive response activates the higher thinking centers of the brain. Stress is negative when a person feels threatened and not in control of the situation. These feelings instigate a powerful reaction – affecting both the brain and body in ways that can be destructive to physical and mental health.

    This is Your Brain in Meltdown

    Stress Less #infographic

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