laundry day, c.1942

This is an Awesome idea...... both pics the same lady, one at age 21 , other at 90+ . Wonderful gift idea for any span of time.

1940s cheerleader outfits

Laundry day is serious business!

Modern Kitchen: 1942

Jukebox 1950s

laundry in 1947

old photo

Loved to watch my Mom and Grandmother cook


Mother and Daughter Doing Laundry Hanging Wash by H. Armstrong Roberts. Photographic print from

1942....wonder if she is washing wool for a penny rug???

Bobby socks and loafers, 1944. Photo caption reads: “Bobby Socks and Loafers are on the active feet of nearly every U.S. High School girl. Here is a line up of co-eds at Hollywood High in San Mateo, California.”

~ Laundry Day ~

Helping my Grams like in the picture hang clothes...

Ironing clothes

how grandmothers used to look

Jitterbug, Central Park, 1942. For the love of all things good, someone please teach me the jitterbug. And take me to the forties.

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Peeling apples.