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Mother and Daughter Doing Laundry Hanging Wash

Mother and Daughter Doing Laundry Hanging Wash by H. Armstrong Roberts. Photographic print from

Donna Reed Show, a perfect housewife. True, that was Hollywood, there was a script, but I know of many Donna Reeds today who dress up being home and when they prepare and serve their families their meal. WE have lost so much class in society. Comfort is ideal, but so is a lovely fashion code and a smile!

This is an Awesome idea...... both pics the same lady, one at age 21 , other at 90+ . Wonderful gift idea for any span of time.


Teenage Twin Girls Hanging Laundry on Clothesline

laundry in 1947

1950's -Very fabulous little girls. I Love it. We knew how to raise our little girl's to become proper young ladies who certainly had self respect. Gone today are the social etiquette skills and the cultural morality that existed and was taught to kids in the 1950's. What a loss for society.

A woman hard at work doing the laundry with an old-fashioned ringer washing machine. #vintage #1930s #1940s #homemaker #housework