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Ava Gardner looking as beautiful as a rose in a smart red suit.

She had this natural poignancy and her feelings ran very deep. To my mind she developed into a fine actress. I've been telling her that for years, and she always waves it off. - Gregory Peck about Ava Gardner

What a classy style of Ava Gardner!...I think her shape is perfect....wish I had a waist...

Ava Gardner. Kibbe Soft Dramatic. Sun Capricorn. Ascendant Leo. Moon Pisces. Ruler of Ascendant in Capricorn. Ruler of Sun in Libra. Ruler of Moon in Leo. Neptune in the 1st house.

Le plus bel animal du monde ? C'est définitivement elle, Ava Gardner.

Ava Gardner on Mickey Rooney :- “He came to visit me at the hospital and I heard the Jesus Christ routine. He’s a reborn Christian. He kept on about being made in the image of God. What a load of crap!”

Ava, beautiful dress! Women should still dress like this! So elegant!

Born and raised in the rural south, Ava Gardner was signed to a Hollywood contract at the age of 18, based solely on a photograph her photographer brother took. In 1995 she was chosen by Empire Magazine as one of the 100 sexiest stars in film history, rank at number 68.

Ava Gardner 1941. Glamour tennis.