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Wow!  Dynamite magazine - remember this?  Bought it through Scholastic Books at school.  I'm sure I had this issue - loved the Fonz.  :)

John Kenneth Muir's Reflections on Cult Movies and Classic TV: Memory Bank: The Fonz

Captain Kangaroo...with Mr Green Jeans, Moose, Dancing Bear...

Boy, I'll say, I loved Captain Kangaroo every morning. I remember when I was young, one time my mother was wanting to dress me for the day and I said."Not in front of Captain Kangaroo".funny how I remember that so clearly.

[rickspringfield.jpg]. Dynamite Magazine

I loved Dynamite magazines, oh and Rick Springfield too. My sister had/has EVERY Rick Springfield record he made.

Eloise Wilkin - This was my absolute favorite book... In fact, I have it displayed on a shelf in my sewing room.

I loved this book wen I was little because the little girl was named Carol and I sort of looked like her.

Awe I liked this gum. What ever happened to it?

Old school gum, "cum gum" (at least that's what I think we used to call it?

Family affair

"Family Affair" Buffy, Jody, Uncle Bill, Mr French and Cissy.

Leif Garret...oh boy, hate to say it but had his posters all over my wall..seriously?! LOL

Leif Garret - I would read all about him in Teen Beat.

Comic Book Covers - Page 20 - Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles: forums

Here's issue number 4 from the Dark Shadows comic series produced by Gold Key featuring some terrific shots of Jonathan Frid as Barnabas.

Our school lunch were on these kind of trays. And they made the food right there in the school kitchen.

Our school cafeteria lunch was served on these trays. And they made the food right there in the school kitchen. Those East Elementary Cafeteria ladies set the bar for yeast roll excellence in the

Blast from the past by aurelia on Indulgy.com

Crib with decal. I managed to somehow survive this unsafe crib as did my kids! Oh gosh , this looks just like the baby bed I slept in , i remember climbing out of it to get in the bed with mama and daddy

I remember going to the car show in Charlotte N.C. and meeting him! WOW! That was a long time ago!

Dynamite magazine — Greg Evigan in BJ and the Bear (I had this one!

Body on Tap Shampoo -love this board, it's lots of fun! Another big hit for us teens in the 70s.  LOVED this shampoo -- it smelled so good!  In my memory it was the best shampoo ever! Wish it would make a ocmeback.

"Body On Tap Beer Shampoo. Supposedly of it was beer but my hair didn't stink." Only in the could they come up with beer-enriched shampoo.

So true!

The Top 10 Most Memorable Game Show Catch Phrases

I watched "The Price is Right" every time I stayed home sick from school. I LOVED AND ADORED Bob Barker. And Bob made a popular comeback in college when we would all gather in the common area to watch TPIR just before the doors opened for lunch.

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Happy Days TV Series - Used to watch reruns all the time!