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this site has some neat innovative projects! (glass that tells you if you're drinking milk/oj/coke, night light bookmark)


Favorite Things Questionnaire to "check-in" from time to time


I like this idea


how to sun-dye fabric.

yes!! haha

:) disney

good advice....

so true

lol or people breaking into the house



Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, Maui, Hawaii, USA--There is a small forest of these trees off the Hana Highway. As the outer bark naturally sheds it leaves strips of green inner bark exposed and as it grows the inner bark turns bluish, orange, purple and this real???

baby boy wall decor....soooo cute


haha i need this chick to be my new sidekick

How I met your mother

for at least an hour...

i fall for this every time

boo you whore!