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    When people ask me how I’m doing half way through the semester...hahahaha!

    "I have to resist the urge to tell strangers that they have great veins for starting IVs." - Confessions of a Nurse

    Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

    Hahaha. def done this- and just slept on the other side..or picked up the whole comforter and put it on the ground (and grabbed another blanket) yep I hate folding laundry

    And I'm becoming more and more at peace with it :) some nights it sucks, but most days I feel grateful for the courage to allow my own inner spirit the time and space to become whole before I share this privacy again ❤️

    I can be very sarcastic and sassy. It's when its simultaneously when you have no idea what to believe any more.

    This happened to me recently, except I couldn't control my laughter and I busted out in full blown belly laughter in the room. Luckily, we were all laughing, over a very unlaughable subject and I wasn't the only one with the odd sense of humor.

    Confessions of a Nurse -- Too true! But the good nurse does it thoroughly with a smile on her face.

    Bueller, Bueller, anyone ... anyone else suffer from this affliction? ; )

    Nursing: If you don't have a sense of humor, you will never survive in this line of work.

    Some of my patients have taught me more over the years than I ever taught them. The one I remember the most was the gentleman who was terminally ill telling me that dying was the easy part; being his family left behind was the hard part. About brought me to tears.

    My brother did this to my hubba bubba tape gum one time! I cried.