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    Alhamdu lillahi ♥ الحمد لله



    Jabir (ra) reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Food for one (person) suffices two, and food for two (persons) suffices four persons and food for four persons suffices eight persons. Sahih Muslim, Book of Drinks, Hadith: 5368

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    “And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” Surah Baqarah | Verse 216

    “Indeed your Lord is the Doer of what He wills” [Sûrah Hûd: 107]

    The command to be good to one’s parents begins right from the Qur'an. Allah says: “Worship God and join not any partners with Him; and be kind to your parents…” [Noble Quran 4:36] More Inspiration |

    the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever protects the honour of his brother, Allah will protect his face from the Fire on the Day of Resurrection.” [Al-Tirmidhi] More Inspiration |

    Allah tests us with hardship and also prosperity in order to validate the sincerity of our faith. Allah said: ( translation) It is He who created death and life to test you as to which of you are best in deed, and He is the Almighty, the Forgiving. Surat Al-Mulk 67:2

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    soul purification with quran reading

    Qur'an al-Maidah (The Table Spread) 5:39

    Abu Huraira (ra) reported Allah's Messenger (pbuh) as saying: .....

    #Sajda e Tilawat

    Ya Rabb, please guide me...always.