• May Wong

    Love my dog and my dog loves me.

  • Evelina

    Pets are stress busters. They recognize how you feel. They jump all over you when you are happy. They leave you alone when are not. They do cutest things to change your moods. Love them and they love you 10 times more. if your best friend (dog) is not listening go to to help yourself to get training help so that YOU can be happy with Your Pet.

  • Angie Van Bergen

    funny animals with sayings all you need is love and a dog, agreed, funny quote with labrador-love the stairs

  • Kim Evans

    so true. Hard to find true love from a human being but a dog loves you no matter what...

  • Christin Catral

    nyahaha so true - but let me edit that and say all you need is love and a "pet" :-)

  • anastasia samaras

    love Golden retrievers, and so true

  • KB

    All you need is love...and a dog. True story, we'll get a Chesney junior next summer.

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