All-White Gift Guide *drool*

Leica M8 White Edition : Un luxe fashion | Geek and Hype ($500-5000) - Svpply

We know all to well the about the specifications of the highly coveted Leica M8 and with this special edition all white piece making for an exceptional release. Satisfying all the needs of all photographers, no matter how talented behind the lense this camera will release in very limited quantities with only 275 making production. …

J'aime mon leica


I want!! <3


Leica M8 White

spotted in Sydney, such beautiful blues

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White Leica M8 Faithfully Recreated Using LEGO Pieces

LEGO Leica M8 Camera | Highsnobiety ($500-5000) - Svpply

b+w Leica monochrome camera. please I only Need 8000.00!!! O-O

Leica M8 + Canon TV Lens 50mm 1: 0.95 by doo3, via Flickr

LEICA M7 HERMES | LIMITED EDITION: This LEICA M7 limited Edition Hermès offers a total of 200 silver chrome LEICA M7 cameras with exquisite leather finishes applied by Hermès. We had already shown you the beautiful LEICA M8 White Edition, now we show you this edition limited to only 100 cameras available in each of the two leather colours. $14000

Lego Leica M8 Viewfinder Camera

Leica M Monochrom – Shoot Purely in Black & White

Leica M8 35mm

Graphic on silencetv blog

silence television illustration & prints via designspiration