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Ebook explosion infographic

EBOOKS EXPLOSION Infographic // From CredityDonkey: Americans are finding their credit card bills and bank statements riddled with a mounting tab of new charges for digital books after sales of eReaders and tablets exploded at the end of last year.

Skyrocketing sales of Kindles, iPads, and new eReader-based devices are driving record-breaking eBook sales. This infographic explores the eBook revolution's impact on book publishers' revenues and operations. Who's producing eBooks, how, how many, for what devices, and at what cost? #infographic #stats #2011

Skyrocketing sales of Kindles, iPads and eReaders are driving record breaking sales. This infographic explores the ebook revolution and its impact on traditional publishing space.

I love this infographic, and it's a pretty good roundup of the ebook scene to boot!

The eBook Revolution is Now

The Book is Not Dead!

The Book is Not Dead [Infographic]

How the business of eBooks is shaping publishing. #publishing #eBook #Infographic

How the Business of eBooks is Changing Publishing [Infographic]

Tendencias sobre sobre ebooks #infografia #inforgaphic

Ebook Trends Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Lifestyle category. Check out Ebook Trends now!

50-things we don't do anymore because of tech-advancements

50 Things We No Longer Do Because Of Tech Advancements [Infographic] The world is quickly changing thanks to out technological advancements. These 50 things will soon be just retro memories in our unoptimized distant past.

And if social medias were students?

If social media sites were students in high schools, what award would they get in the yearbook? This hilarious infographic puts each site into a high school group - from class gossip to the class nerd.