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So smart!! Hands free!!

Super flexible Bondi holds your cell phone, iPod, keys, note pad. I want!

Reusable Silicon Sandwich Bag - great alternative to  expensive ziploc bags.

Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag // great alternative to expensive ziploc bags, also a snack pouch! Forever I've been saying there should be reusable baggies!

stair climbing wheel chair. >>> See it. Believe it. Do it. Watch thousands of SCI videos at SPINALpedia.com

Everyone knows how hard it is to descend down stairs with wheelchairs. It is not possible for a patient in wheel chair to descend down sta.

Cool thing. I need this now, my hand is in the early stages of pins and needles!

How nice would this be! Lazy Geek’s Cushion. This looks awesome. I want this but not for the computer. It would make reading on my stomach so much more comfortable.

tips and household tricks Pool pillow  I so want this!!!

22 Ridiculously Awesome Pool Floats

Funny pictures about Pool pillows: enjoying summer like a boss. Oh, and cool pics about Pool pillows: enjoying summer like a boss. Also, Pool pillows: enjoying summer like a boss.

Creative candle design

Funny pictures about Coolest candle ever. Oh, and cool pics about Coolest candle ever. Also, Coolest candle ever.

Vegetable Twister, cucumbers, potatoes, zucchini, radish and other vegetables are transformed into endless spirals and spaghetti. With almost no effort, a result is achieved that opens up new culinary possibilities and which will astonish your guests. A relief design of both slicing attachments, together with integrated openings, produces a highly decorative and distinctive effect.

An exta=yummy idea.and how fun also for kids who like to cook to possibly try out new ways to eat veggies they would otherwise not touch. Vegetable Twister - turns vegetables into spaghetti!

Herb Stripper

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - Chefn ZipStrip Herb Zipper: Just pull the herb stem through the correctly sized hole, and the fresh herbs fall right into the built-in measuring cup!

This Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker allows you to bring your music and phone calls in your bathroom. A budget gift idea with style.

Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker - My W List

love and romance are incomplete without music- so when you are creating the romantic ambience in the bathroom- some speaker is a must. We came across this Bluetooth Shower Speaker - 4 Colors: Dotzila- seemed interesting

Cake Slicing Kit. And to think my great Aunt Ruby used to use fishing line to cut her cakes into thin layers. Unused fishing line, I assume!

Shop Frieling Layer Cake Slicing Kit, 3 piece at CHEFS. This is a GREAT tool for making those pretty layered cakes!

Getting ready for pool time -- rubber wine glasses. YESSSSSS!!!! Where can I find these?!?

Rubber wine glasses for the pool and camping. Or just because drunk people drop shit. Because drunk people drop shit.

Does ear wax disgust you? Are you Looking for practical Valentine's Day gifts for him or her? Introducing the world's first real solution to ear wax, that may (or may not) improve your relationships! The ultra safe, mega affordable, Utility Tip! It's safe, it's inexpensive, and most important of all, it works! Order yours now to get squeeky-clean ears before Love Day!

The Utility Tip is a reusable plastic ear wax removal tool that cleans your ears & much more. Use it on pets & around the house to clean just about anything.

Cast iron skillets in the shape of each state of the united states. How cool and odd at the same time.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - State-Shaped Hand Cast Iron Skillets can be used for cooking or displaying.

Wake up pillow - it vibrates when it's time to wake up! My boyfriend needs this........

Wake up pillow - it vibrates when it's time to wake up! Instead of loud alarm clock, only wakes you up.